Everyone’s got a vision; a dream that we all aim to achieve with days, weeks, or even years of hard work and determination. There’s always something to be working toward. For me, in 2010, I became a barber to help people look and feel their best, and in my time I’ve realized that it’s amazing what people can do when they’re given the confidence that comes with a good, quality grooming experience. Day after day, I’d have people sit down and trust me to provide them not only with style and finesse, but also with advice and direction on how to best care for their hair and skin in a way that is not only healthy, but that easily fits in with their busy lives.
I came up with the After Effect to solve those problems. By offering beard oil, hair moisturizer, body butter and other products that do not rely on harsh chemicals and dyes, but ingredients that ensure quality while emphasizing simplicity. 
But our lives don’t stop at a great haircut or a well-trimmed beard. I started Christian Miquel because I realized that my vision could be expanded. That style and sophistication did not have to be compromised for something that was durable and concise. I am a firm believer in the idea that the easiest way to achieve your vision is through focus – so as our line expanded, my goal was to create accessories, apparel, and more that featured designs that aim to declutter and streamline. With Christian Miquel, I assert that luxury doesn’t always have to be complicated. By sticking to the essentials, we provide the tools that can inspire you to do more with less.
A Christian Miquel tribe member thrives on humble sophistication. We aim to inspire, to share, and to create. By focusing on designs that cut to the core of what we really need not only to stay on the go day to day, but to express who we are, we hope to embolden you to show the world your vision.