Your actions dictate your reality.

Vision: It’s one of the primary driving forces of our lives. Whether we realize it or not, we spend nearly every day filling our mind’s eye with visions of past, present, and future. It can be all too easy to get swept up in the unfulfilling tasks, worries, and distractions of the day, unconsciously filling our head with visions of what a terrible day we had, the useless and time-wasting habits we engage in, and the certain future of another terrible, unfulfilling day tomorrow. The only way around that is to take the wheel, and choose your own vision. Some of us don’t have a choice...the vision chooses US. Whether by choice or by force, satisfying that vision….achieving the dream requires hours, days, months, and years of hard work. For those of us compelled by vision, Christian Miquel is here. 


In 2010, after going to school to study business marketing and growing frustrated with the “corporate” life, I became a barber. I sought to help people look and feel their best, while at the same time, to gain a bit of control over my own professional development and career. Every day, people would sit down and entrust me with providing them a stylish and highly-polished look. I quickly realized that it’s amazing what people can accomplish when they’re given the confidence that comes with a good, quality grooming experience. I also realized that the experience didn’t stop at a classic haircut or well-trimmed beard, as I found myself constantly giving my clients advice. People constantly asked for everything from style tips to life advice. They asked for advice on what tech they should purchase to make life or business easier, and on how to best care for skin and hair in a healthy, efficient, effective way that truly fits in with the busy lifestyle of an entrepreneur or general go-getter. 


Having that experience was where Christian Miquel began for me. I realized that I, too, was one of those same types of people in my chair- hustling harder and harder every day, building knowledge and personal value, and ultimately...a brand. It all started with the Christian Miquel Essentials line, where we use top-quality, natural materials and ingredients to align style and efficiency within your hair and skin care, travel, and play. From there, I brought my style to life with Christian Miquel Elite, my lineup of fashion-forward, unisex apparel and exclusive gear, focused on quality and durability. I round out my collection with Christian Miquel Signature, my line of premium quality, limited-edition, one-of-a-kind, and collaborative pieces.


I’ve discovered that style and sophistication don’t need to be compromised for something durable and concise...that true luxury doesn’t have to be complicated, and often shouldn’t. Everything we produce is designed to streamline and declutter your look...we’re aiming for maximum versatility, combined with a clean, stylish appearance. We’re providing the tools to help inspire you to do more with less. Our customers are doers, and a doer who dons themselves in Christian Miquel gear thrives on humble sophistication. We aim to inspire, to share, and to create. By focusing on designs that cut to the core of self-expression, humble sophistication, and maximum output, we hope to help you discover the boldness you need to show the world your vision.